Trans Art is Ancient – a discussion on what came before.

Join us for a discussion led by contemporary trans performance artists Emma Frankland and Krishna Istha, discussing the history of trans performance with a panel of trans artists whose work spans the past 3 decades.

Emma and Krishna will be joined by the legendary, Del La Grace Volcano, Campbell X and Mzz Kimberley along with trans historian and performance artist Morgan M Page.

At a time when trans identity is being framed as something new, join us for an in depth look at what has come before and where we come from.

This panel is part of a performance project for 2020 led by Travis Alabanza, Krishna Istha and Emma Frankland – a production performed by a cast of 18 – 25 year old trans performers.

Part of Fly the Flag 70 with artist Ai Weiwei, marking the 70th anniversary of the declaration of human rights. Find out more at