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“As you all heard in last months newsletter, the local council of Pippleton have chosen to reduce the community centre’s funding.”

What a load of coboodle we say.

The local community centre is closing down, but Rosebelina (X Factor 2004, poet, glitter tattoo artist and DJ) and Josephine (Rosebelina’s assistant) are determined to save it by holding the biggest and best fundraiser the world has ever seen.

There’s a party going on. And you’re invited. (Please don’t inform the vicar)

A multi-rolling, character comedy piece performed by outrageously wacktaciously fabulousimosly grotesquely gorgeous female character comedy duo FRUITCAKE, with raffle prizes and bowls of crisps.

I just don’t find you two funny at all

A girl we met in the loo on a night out who had a really bad sense of humour

Supported by Sheffield Theatres: Making Room, Cellar Theatre, Sheffield.
Director: Harry Hancock
Composer: Tommi Bryson