Part of The Last Word, a festival where words come alive.

What would you say to him? If he was here now, drinking right here at this bar?

A pub. A long shift. Two mates and a whole heap of unruly memories.

How do we remember those who aren’t here anymore? Do we always put them on a pedestal? How do we find the language to talk about mental health and addiction? Why does everyone want to leave their home town and what happens when you’re the one left behind?

Losing The Night will be preceded by a 30 minute curtain raiser by Resident Artist Katie Gill.

Anything on Your Mind, Babe? is an autobiographical spoken word performance about anxiety and OCD.

This work in progress show tells the story of a child who worries about everything, and how she aims to find certainty in a world that can never be neat and tidy.

Losing the Night is a show by poet and theatre maker Cecilia Knapp supported by the Arts Council.