Join us for a night of Somali disco and funk vibes from a line-up of East African artists, brought to you in collaboration by the Somalinimo and Sawti projects.

Headlining are the newly reunited 80s Mogadishu and Somali funk, disco and soul band: Dur Dur. Originating from the Moqadishu disco scene, Dur Dur disbanded in the early 90s, as the country plunged into a civil war. They were unable to continue playing in their city and scattered abroad.

Now in 2019, Dur Dur are a time capsule, transporting audiences to the 1980s legendary Moqadishu Juba Hotel.

The show will also feature special guests sets from poets and musicians.

This event is running as part of a larger programme of work Somalinimo (till I dhimo)
celebrating Somali culture.
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