Paradigm Music Agency and the Roundhouse bring you a night of new, emerging music talent.

Meet Martha Da’ro, the latest moniker for Canga Antonio, a genre-bending singer and actress. She’s graced the stage in Belgian hip-hop collective Soul’Art and starred in award-winning film, Black. These days, the multi-talented Brussels-based artist takes matters into her own hands as Martha Da’ro – effortlessly blending dreamy pop with hip hop, English with French and boundless energy with fragile emotion.

Meet Manchester based rapper, HMD – a name that’s set to be on everybody’s radar. Born in Somalia and raised in Manchester by way of Denmark, HMD’s experiences, roots and heritage have shaped his perspective on the world and his music. Born into a clan renowned for its poets and storytellers, his lyrical prowess may well be legacy and destiny. With a string of shows under his belt and a legion of new fans repping his music, HMD is touted as one of the UK’s freshest new sounds. Come, hear what the buzz is all about.

Anaïs, a French singer-songwriter of Senegalese origin, is gathering a great deal of media attention. Following in the footsteps of Nina Simone, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley, the soul artist’s emotive music speaks of freedom. Her song Nina, is a beautiful nod to the late, great Nina Simone – seen by Anaïs as representing true freedom and fearlessness in art. Discover the soul-stirring power of this artist’s hauntingly beautiful voice and liberating songs.