Last Word 2018

Celebrating fearless storytelling

Are you stuck in your ways? No? Good. Because The Last Word Festival is packed with performances for the bold, the curious and those who like to think differently.

Over 17 days, different perspectives and stories will take over our building and raise its big circular roof. We’ve got world renowned artist Saul Williams, The Guilty Feminist’s live podcast, a mammoth Poetry Slam with the freshest talent going, stories soundtracked by live Drum & Bass and an interactive theatre in our bar. Seriously – that’s just a handful.

So, if you really are curious (which you should be if you’ve gotten this far) and fancy a night out that’ll really make you think and feel, then keep scrolling.

What You Missed


The Last Word Festival

BoxedIn: Clash

Hosted by Yomi Sode, Amina Jama and Sean Mahoney

Thursday 14 June 2018


The Last Word Festival


Marika Mckennell

Tuesday 26 June 2018


The Last Word Festival


Nick Makoha and Roger Robinson, produced by Speaking Volumes

Saturday 30 June 2018