A mechanically-ingenious, spectacular new circus show with a vertical-swinging trapeze, never-ending ropes, a spinning carousel and a very temperamental staircase.

Adventure into a world of mechanical chaos, where everything has a mind of its own. As contraptions, fixtures and fittings come to life, our heroes begin to question their place in it all.

Exhilaratingly anarchic, with an inventive interconnected set and original live score, Relentless Unstoppable Human Machine (RUHM) delves into the fantastical imaginations of two fated acrobats.

RUHM offers up a playful parable about time, technology and the forces that drive us.

Part of CircusFest 2018, RUHM is brought to you by NoFit State Circus alumni.

Developed in association with Roundhouse with support from Pontio (Bangor) Ffwrnes (Llanelli) and funded by Arts Council England and Arts Council of Wales.

Production image © Christa Holka

Gallery images © David Levene & Ollie Millington

The cast are true polymaths, mixing musical performances with acrobatic feats.

The Stage

Effortless and joyful, with moments of childlike wonder and some truly memorable set pieces.

★★★★★ Spy in the Stalls

Cabaret-gymnastic-acrobatic extravaganza

★★★★ Theatre Box

Gorgeous live music with a multi-talented, engaging cast.

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