Duckie is La Gateau Chocolat’s reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling with a message of tolerance and self-acceptance at its core.

Family-friendly glamour and glitz takes centre stage as critically acclaimed cabaret star Le Gateau Chocolat breaks out of his shell in his first work for children, a classic tale of identity and belonging.

Set in an animal circus, we join him on an adventure of self-discovery, asking questions of the ‘happy ever after’ in a celebration of difference. Walking a little differently? Sounding a bit strange? Watch Duckie triumph by realising these are his strengths.

A totally engrossing piece… From small child to the most seasoned of adult theatre-goer – all are won over by the sheer magnetism of the performance.

★★★★★ The Reviews Hub

Few performers can make you forget where you are. Le Gateau Chocolat has that rare gift.

The West Australian

Where I’m from, hardly anyone is exposed to the arts. There’s a load of talent but no guidance. Roundhouse changed my life.


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