A screening and Q&A with James Lavelle and notable directors he has collaborated with to celebrate the release of UNKLE’s fifth studio album The Road: Part I.

Includes classic UNKLE videos by James Lavelle, Toby Dye, Doug Foster, Norbert Schoerner and Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, followed by a screening of ‘Road Trip’ by UNKLE.

There will then be a Q&A with James Lavelle and directors Toby Dye, Doug Foster, Norbert Schoerner, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

This fifth album is possibly the best (and most eclectic, yet cohesive) UNKLE record since they burst onto the scene with Psyence Fiction in 1998

★★★★ Metro

Where I’m from, hardly anyone is exposed to the arts. There’s a load of talent but no guidance. Roundhouse changed my life.

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