Love is essential in today’s world, but we often focus on romantic love over the many other guises that love can take; friendship, family bonds, brotherly love and worldly love.

Hear six choirs from across the UK – the Roundhouse Choir, Glorious Chorus, ShuffleTunes, Boyband, Sheffield Young Singers and Voice Energy Project as they take the rhythm of the heart itself and use it as a focus for the evening’s music, heartbeats manifesting as grooves, rhythms and movement.

The choirs have been working with Artist Curators Natalie Williams (Ronnie Scotts/Soul Family), MC Zani (UK Beatbox Champion) and Tobias Hug (Swingle Singers/Beatbox Collective) to present a night of improvisation, beatboxing, body percussion, solos and lots of interaction between the choirs and the audience.