We celebrate 35 years of Apples and Snakes with an explosive mix of 4 ten-minute tasters of some of the best spoken word shows out in full-length glory in 2017.

Apples and Snakes is England’s leading organisation for performance poetry and spoken word, with a national reputation for producing exciting, engaging and transformative work in performance and participation.

Tonight’s trailers are as follows:

The Cult of Kenzo by Paula Varjack

Paula finds herself outside a shopping center queuing for a limited edition clothing collection. The next 5 hours mark the strangest shopping experience she has ever had, as she sees into a world of those willing to spend hours and even days waiting for the chance to buy. How do brands create desire within us to need and want to buy? What fuels this relationship? How do we as consumers fuel it further?

To Helen Back by Helen Seymour

Analysing sickness, health and what it really means to recover, Helen Seymour admits you into a surreal hospital to create a funny, unique and powerful theatrical experience.

Shall We Take This Outside? by Adam Kammerling

National poetry slam champion and battle-rapping cyborg Adam Kammerling teams up with real life super-humans Eric Mitchell and Jacob Smart from Parkour Dance, to explore the effect of fictional hero behaviour on real-world attitudes to violence.

PLOT 17 by Kenny Baraka

This is the story of the Green Man, a guerrilla gardener, fighting to save Mother Earth. Join him at the bloc party to end all bloc parties.

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