OneFest and Frank Turner present a weekend of panels, workshops and live music to inspire, support and develop a new generation of artists, performers and music industry professionals.

This panel is useful for:

  • Understanding the essential elements that hold the music industry together and learning how to reduce the risk of failure and make the most of success.


  • Leading industry figures will explain the necessity of understanding the basics of law, business management, planning, accounting, insurance and financial advice.

You will come away with:

  • The importance of related law
  • The working parts of business management, planning and accounting
  • Understanding insurance/risk
  • Managing wealth

• Nick Lawrence – Big Star Business Management
• Simon Long – Collins Long
• Steven Howell – Insurance Broker – MIB
• David Rossell – Finance Advisor – Thomas Miller
• Chris Grey – OneFest Cohort

Networking opportunities will be available after the session.