Continual innovators in electronic music spheres, London duo Mount Kimbie perform their largest headline show in the capital to date, playing new material live for the first time, as well as music from across their career.

Arguably responsible for the birth of the term ‘post-dubstep’, Mount Kimbie made their name taking familiar sounds from UK bass genres and placing them in a new context – chopping up beats into fractured, glitching rhythms, replacing apocalyptic drops and big-room basslines for a kind of otherworldly ambience.

Four years on from the release of their critically acclaimed second album, Cold Spring Faultless Youth, a record that saw them refine that original formula, they continue pushing the boundaries of the genre. Following an incredible response to new single – ‘We Go Home Together (feat. James Blake)’ – the duo have returned with another track written with close friend and collaborator, the Oscar-nominated Mica Levi aka Micachu, ‘Marilyn’.

[We] can’t wait to be back playing gigs every night with our band-mates Andrea and Marc. Lots of new music and new ideas for us so we hope to see you somewhere on our travels’

Kai Campos, Mount Kimbie

Listen to their new album, Love What Survives, below.