Indie-folk musician Devon Sproule announces an intimate performance in our Sackler Space, with support from Baby Copperhead.

Devon Sproule’s new album Gold String is North American music with weirdo roots. Recorded in three different Canadian provinces — Yukon, Ontario, and Nova Scotia — the short, lush LP features backing from Toronto dream-poppers Bernice.

The deep, sparse Drawing Circles is a song by Sproule’s Tin Angel labelmate Ed Askew.

Two songs are co-written with Mike O’Neill (Inbreds) and mixed by Sandro Perri. Sproule’s husband Paul Curreri sings, plays, mixes, and produces.

Sproule’s lyrics glance off each other arrestingly, juxtaposing images

Financial Times

Her quirky affectations bring to mind Bjork, and forays into the dark

Village Voice