Imagine seeing the sun rise in a country overseas as it descends on the London sky.

Before Sunset/After Sunrise is an outdoor promenade performance for a maximum of two audience participants at a time, guided telematically by one performer located in a different city across the world.

Connected via the Hangouts video call app on their personal smartphone, the performer and the participants walk through their cities, comparing and synchronizing their journeys while chasing after fleeting rays of light.

What is your experience of sunlight in the big city? You are invited to join a global hunt for the sun…

Concept, Script, Direction: Marina Hanganu

Performers: Jakub Snochowski (PL), Nefeli Tsipouridi (GR), Jess Kaufman (USA), Jack Davenport (AU), Cristina Ispas (RO), Lucian Rus (RO), Cătălina Bălălău (RO);
mentoring: Philip Parr.

Please note that this performance involves walking through outdoor locations in Camden, so comfortable footwear is advisable.

With support from the Romanian Cultural Institute.


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