Debs Newbold, highly celebrated performer and Shakespeare’s Globe storyteller, delivers a touching, funny, cinematic and surreal one-woman show enhanced by live music technology.

Through the prism of Vincent van Gogh’s recognisable late work, Bedroom in Arles, she explores the phenomenon of living life in a coma and the healing power of art.

When she was three years old, Annie’s life was skewed off-course.

On her 18th birthday, it threatens to happen again. What is it like to be in a coma? To love someone in a coma? What would van Gogh say about it if you hung out with him in his room at Arles? And what does a pigeon called Muhammad Ali eat for breakfast?

Directed by John Wright.


The Last Word Festival 2016

The Last Word, our festival of spoken word, storytelling and live performance returns for the third year running from 24 May – 18 June. Showcasing the genre’s original trailblazers, r…