Write to Life, the creative writing group at Freedom from Torture, presents an immersive musical journey from Africa, Iran and Cuba to London 2016.

The performance features an original combination of speech, song and recorded sound with a cast of six torture survivors from Iran, Cuba, Uganda, Burundi and Ethiopia, supported by a chorus of other clients and staff of Freedom from Torture.

Exploring the themes of love, unexpected friendship, prison, laughter, and above all, music – from the violin buried by order of the Ayatollahs, to the African song unwittingly sung to the occupants of a British Library reading room.

Freedom from Torture is the only UK-based human rights charity dedicated solely to the rehabilitation of torture survivors seeking refuge in the UK.

The work was created collaboratively with singer, musician and composer Ana Silvera, and Christine Bacon, Artistic Director of ice & fire theatre company, known for its groundbreaking verbatim human rights theatre. Additional musicians are Alice Zawadski and Will Roberts.