A tantalising and joyous sensory journey designed to enhance an original score by Auclair.

Following a set of sell performances at Future Fest, Rich Mix and Wilderness Festival, The Sensory Score returns to London for it’s final 4 performances.

Auclair’s kaleidoscopic and textured score brings electronic instruments together with string ensmeble – The Phaedra Ensemble. She mixes pre-written parts with live and conducted improvisation. And whilst Auclair’s music unfolds around you, you will blindfolded and treated a one-to-one tactile experience choreographed by BitterSuite, including bespoke tastes by gourmet chef Adam Thomason and original perfumes by Sarah McCartney. All the senses working in unity to deepen the exprience of each moment of Auclair’s music. This is whole body listening.
Originally commissioned for Nesta’s Future Fest come along for the final set of performances that will envelope and encompass you within the sensory world of Auclair’s sound.

‘BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment by teasing your senses in time with the music…it’s inspired by synaesthesia the neurological condition that leads to a confusion of the senses. This is a concert where you don’t just listen to the music – you taste it, smell it and feel it as well.’ Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

‘Mesmerizing’ – The Arts Council

‘Extraordinary, great fun, at times quite moving and unlike most theatre…actually delicious,’ – Johnathon Ross, at Wilderness Festival

The Sensory Score has been supported by Grants for the arts – The Arts Council and was originally commissioned for Future Fest 2015.