Peut-être Theatre returns following their sell-out production of The Tin Soldier last year with a circus-dance-theatre piece for children and their grown-ups about a little bird in a big city in the winter.

A little bird loves the songs of a Parisian street artist so much that when all the other birds fly away for the winter she stays behind. This is an uplifting story about creating art, finding a friend, and learning how to fly. Join us as we soar from the pavement to the skies.

A stylish flight of fantasy using music, dance and acrobatics to tell a simple but compelling tale.

The Stage

A perfect theatrical experience for any youngster. Immersive, visually spectacular.

A Younger Theatre

Peut-être Theatre are driven by a desire to create unforgettable early theatrical experiences for young audiences. Their previous productions include Shh…Bang!, Dare to Sea, Clunk, The Tin Soldier, Draw Me A Bird, The Bug and the Butterfly and This is a That.