Could it be that in poetry, the surest path to success is being crap?

Award-winning spoken word artists Mark Grist and Tim Clare don’t know yet, but they’re going to give it their worst shot. Taking two world-renowned dreadful poets, William McGonagall and John Skelton, as their inspiration, they will voyage into the depths of bad verse, celebrating glorious crimes against language. Can they find secret wisdom and freedom in the work of these inglorious bardsters? And could they use it to construct the worst poem of all time?

Completing the bill – hilariously terrible, laugh-out-loud embarrassing, entertainingly cringe-worthy verse from the Anti-Slam Final, so awful that it transcends quality, becoming genius. A showdown between the very best of the very worst poets from across the UK. Judged by Tim Clare, Salena Godden and Mark Grist with hosts Paula Varjack and Dan Simpson.