One of the most exciting new talents to emerge from the UK of late, South London-based singer Jodie Abacus will play the Roundhouse in January 2016 following the release of new single ‘Good Feeling’.

From amassing a monstrous 100,000 plays in a single week to gaining the coveted #1 spot on Hype Machine with his debut track ‘I’ll Be That Friend’ earlier this year, Jodie Abacus has announced his arrival to the musical landscape like a breath of fresh air. With an innate skill for marrying the up-tempo rhythms of R&B and funk’s ‘golden age’ with a euphoric, modern approach, Jodie possesses something so uniquely fresh and addictive that it could not only find a place in the modern pop landscape, but twist and influence it into something completely new.

a million miles from anything else around right now, and all the more utterly brilliant for it

Crack in the Road

Jodie Abacus has the cure to what ails you

Hilly Dilly