Award-winning Roundhouse Associate Artist Scottee has rounded up some of the UK’s most mediocre talent for a night almost worth the ticket price!

This special festive edition of the sell-out variety knees returns up features Dickie Beau, Ginger Johnson, Japans People, Jayde Adams, Jess Love and more to be announced. Join Scottee for a mixed bill of camp clichés, limp wrists and naff catch phrases smashed together some cheap tinsel, fizzy wine and lots of good old fashioned light entertainment.

Suitable for mums, the gays and snowball drinkers.

Cabaret hero Scottee has carved out a serious name for himself – he is in danger of becoming a full-on star… viva Camp!

Time Out

The line-up is basically ‘the best acts we’ve seen’- so if you’ve been a bit lazy on the cultural uptake, this is your chance to see a load of the most significant talent in one, hardcore shot. A bit like a cabaret Berocca.

Run Riot