20 years after the release of the The Holy Bible, the Manic Street Preachers will play their seminal third album in its entirety for the very first time.

The Holy Bible has achieved legendary status over the years due to its post-punk abrasive style and fierce, uncompromising lyrics. The band have never played the whole record and these very special shows, much rumoured and speculated about, will be must see events for fans.

The London dates at the Roundhouse are almost 20 years to the date since the band played three gigs at the London Astoria, which turned out to be their last live performances with guitarist Richey Edwards who went missing a few months later. The gigs are remembered as thrilling, exhilarating affairs with the last night culminating in the band smashing up all their equipment in a frenzied bout of wanton destruction.

The band recently released their number two charting 12th studio album Futurology which received some of the best reviews to date. This came within a year of their previous album Rewind The Film which was also a top five record. A 20th anniversary edition of The Holy Bible will be released later this year with further details to follow.