Following a sold out live show at St John’s in Hackney earlier in the year, and with the prospect of new material from Jacques Greene and Koreless in the coming months, Black Atlantic present a rare late night session in collaboration with LuckyMe and Young Turks.

One of LuckyMe’s leading lights, Montreal born / NYC based producer Jacques Greene has in just a few years built up an almost cult like status across several continents. Alongside peers Hudson Mohawke and How To Dress Well, Jacques Greene has been at the forefront of a movement blurring the lines between R&B and electronica.

As elusive as Koreless has been since his first release on Pictures Music in 2012, there’s no denying the influence that his approach to sound design has had on the electronic music landscape. Having stripped away traditional structures, pushing his productions into ever more experimental territory, Koreless represents something more akin to a contemporary Steve Reich or Terry Riley, than the acts he is normally associated with.

Rounding off the bill is another shadowy young producer who in the last 12 months has expanded upon his critically acclaimed early releases via collaborations with both Kanye West and conceptual artist Matthew Barney – Evian Christ.

Evian Christ recently finished work on a new record, a taste of which was revealed a few months back in the form of Salt Carousel. As ever Tri Angle Records are playing their cards close to their chest, but with a new live show in the works (which will make it’s UK premiere at Roundhouse) we’re confident that this is going to be another big year for the Wirral-born artist.