Imogen Heap presents an extraordinary ‘One-Man Band’ event on Friday night, featuring 6 diverse pioneers of new instrumental and electronic music, each hand-picked by Imogen.

Peter Gregson – 6.30pm
Maja S. K. Ratkje – 7.15pm
Pekka Kuusisto – 8pm
Imogen Heap – 8.45pm
Arve Henriksen – 9.30pm
Tim Exile – 10.15pm

You’ll find the Main Space transformed to contain 6 performance podiums, each with a virtuoso composer/performer in their own space including Imogen Heap (piano/vocal improvisation), cello/electronics from Peter Gregson, violin/electronics from Pekka Kuusisto, trumpet/electronics from Arve Henriksen and vocal/electronics from Maja S. K. Ratkje. Finishing the night will be the unmissable Tim Exile.

Each performer will take to their podium for 40 minutes in a completely unique performance specially created for Reverb. Audiences will be invited to gather around each stage as their moment comes, and will also witness unique collaborations between each of the artists. This is an unforgettable chance to see musicians at the forefront of electronic and instrumental exploration in an innovative new setting.

Alexander Schubert + Decoder Ensemble perform Lucky Dip – 11pm

Alexander Schubert and the Decoder Ensemble perform Alex’s 2013 post-rave electronica fantasy Lucky Dip at this late Friday night performance to close the second day of Reverb Festival.

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