Imogen Heap’s Reverb begins with Black Box Explorations, an evening of aural and visual sensory madness from cutting-edge, contemporary artists:

Simon Steen-Andersen | Århus Sinfonietta | Bruno Zamborlin + Plaid | Imogen Heap | Leafcutter John | London Soundpainting Orchestra | Nick Ryan | Tim Exile

Simon Steen Anderson’s Black Box Explorations – 7pm

Berlin-based composer, performer and installation artist Simon Steen-Andersen will kick off with the incredible Black Box Music performed by Århus Sinfonietta – for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 players and video. Steen-Andersen’s incredible musical journey is conducted by a pair of giant hands projected above the stage – it can only be experienced live and this is a rare chance to see it performed.

Q&A with Imogen Heap and Friends – 8pm

The evening will also feature an exclusive Q&A session with Imogen Heap and a number of the key artists who will feature throughout the Reverb festival. Imogen, Tim Exile, Nick Ryan and Leafcutter John will share the inspiration and passion that leads them to continually push the boundaries of technology and music. This is great opportunity to get inside the minds of some of the most creative and thought-provoking musicians working today.

Plaid with Bruno Zamborlin – 9pm

London duo Plaid team up with Bruno Zamborlin as they perform using his revolutionary new devices Mogees that turn any object into a musical instrument by using only a small device that connects to your smartphone. The collaboration came to be after Plaid took part in Zamborlin’s Kickstarter campaign to launch the amazing project.

London Soundpainting Orchestra – 10.30pm

To close the evening, there will be a rare performance featuring gestural conducting by The London Soundpainting Orchestra – the first soundpainting act in the UK.

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