Come and build a giant brain deep beneath the Roundhouse!

Join us for a weekend of free workshops and tours where you will get the chance to build a giant brain and find out what really goes inside this organ!

Working with a professional set designer you will to build a larger than life sized brain and then work with neuroscientists to discover what the brain does. Uncover what bit of the brain is responsible for us feeling happy, sad and scared. Find out where our memories are stored and which part is responsible for our decision-making. You will help to build and animate each of these areas so that by the end of the weekend there will be a brain that is as full and complex as any.

Over this weekend in October over 100 Fun Palaces will pop up across the UK and globally, celebrating theatre director Joan Littlewood’s centenary and her vision shared with architect Cedric Price. Fun Palaces is a campaign for culture that everyone can join – combining arts and sciences, welcoming and free, at the heart of our communities.