Are you a Bass Culture artist looking to learn more from the experts?

This panel will discuss the growing infrastructure that has developed around bass music – festivals, touring, labels and media platforms.

It will also take a look at the challenges and international horizons of a vibrant underground scene that has gone global and offer expert advice about taking the next step with your music.

The Panel

  • Chair: Crispin Parry, British Underground
  • Ben Ryan : Ben formed Blue Lotus in 2012. A music company specialising in live music event production & programming alongside artist management & development. Blue Lotus provides a platform that develops awareness of traditional black music genres in a way that uniquely merges social responsibility with entertainment.
  • Tej Adeleye: Tej Adeleye is a writer who has contributed for platforms including Live Magazine, MTV Voices, the Lambeth Weekender and amongst others, with a focus on music, culture & social issues. She is currently producing a documentary for the BBC.
  • Jack Robinson: Jack Robinson is one of the founding members of 3 international music festivals; Outlook, Dimensions & Horizons. He also runs his own artist agency and works promoting and curating events across the UK.

BASS CULTURE TAKEOVER in partnership with British Underground

Reggae’s been part of our national soundtrack for over six decades and its ability to evolve and influence other genres is stronger than ever today. The UK has produced the next generation of Bass Culture, with dubstep, bashment and grime dominating our dance floors and pushing new boundaries. It’s the perfect time to get involved. On Saturday 3rd May we are running a day of workshops and panel discussions exploring this crucial force in UK music, culminating in a live performance.

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