Whilst being part of the Roundhouse Studios we want you to have a positive experience and enjoyable time. To do this we ask that you are mindful of others and follow the Code of Conduct as set out below;

As a young person attending the Roundhouse Studios and taking part in projects, we understand you have the right to:

  • Enjoy the time you spend with us and know that you’re safe
  • Feel welcomed, valued and not judged based on your race, gender, sexuality or ability
  • Be listened to, treated fairly and encouraged to develop skills with our help
  • Be involved and contribute towards decisions within the Roundhouse Studios and wider organisation

As a young person attending the Roundhouse Studios and taking part in projects, we would like you to:

The essentials:

Keep yourself safe by listening to and following instructions from Roundhouse staff, behaving responsibly and speak out when something isn’t right.
These facilities are for all of us – treat the spaces and equipment with respect and leave them as you would expect to find them.
Roundhouse Studios and activities are a safe space for everyone, smoking, consuming alcohol, being under the influence of substances or carrying illegal items is not allowed.


Respect and celebrate difference in the Roundhouse Studios / activities, and not discriminate against anyone else on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation or ability.
Treat staff and other young people with respect and appreciate that everyone has differences.
Everyone has the right to feel safe from aggressive or intimidating behaviour.
Report any incidents of bullying and / or harassment to a member of Roundhouse staff, even if you are just a witness.

We expect all young people to follow the behaviours set out in this Code of Conduct, if you do not meet the above expectations we may take the following measures to address the issues / concerns;
Verbal warnings
Conversations with Roundhouse staff
Supporting you to leave the studios / projects

If you feel that any part of this Code of Conduct has been breached, or you would like to raise any concerns, please speak to your course tutor, a member of Roundhouse staff on the Studios front desk, or email advicebase@roundhouse.org.uk