To celebrate the third anniversary of Too Much Source – an annual festival celebrating Black British talent, radio and TV presenter Swarzy Macaly partners with Roundhouse to bring to life her online gallery: Joy and Resilience in 2020.

Swarzy dedicates an evening to celebrating the incredible authors behind the groundbreaking series: A Quick Ting On. Exploring subjects from Afrobeats to Black British business, A Quick Ting On was founded last year and features books on different topics from Black British history.

Got a mate you wanna make feel great? As part of the event, we’ll be opening the floor for participants to hype up their mates. Come tell the room what you love about your friend and big up their achievements – they deserve it!

Join Swarzy as she explores each author’s journey and their stories of Joy and Resilience in an evening full of encouragement, empowerment, and nourishing conversations.

Special guests include:
Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy
Tskenya-Sarah Frazer
Chanté Joseph
Christian Adofo
Magdalene Abraha
Rui Da Silva and
Tobi Kyeretmateng

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