This event is part of our Self-Made Series for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs aged 18-30. This series will equip you with the tools you need to be successfully Self-Made.

Subtle shifts in the way we communicate can effect fundamental changes in the way we are perceived. By learning how to manage the impression we make, we become more influential, more confident, and establish relationships that create greater impact across the board.

Facilitated by Imogen Butler-Cole, this session enables participants to power up their performance, increasing personal presence and impact in a variety of communication scenarios. Participants will learn that subtle changes in behaviour can deliver fundamental shifts in the way we are perceived in presentations, meetings and day-to-day communication.

The workshop will cover:

– Clarity: practising precise articulation of thought, word and message
– Managing nerves: harnessing and settling the energy that adrenaline can bring
– Tools and techniques: body language, breath and voice work
– The power of the pause: making space for thought and breath
– Entry and exit: transmitting gravitas by learning to hold your ground

About the Tutor

Imogen Butler-Cole trained at RADA and LISPA and continues to work as a director and actor in theatre across the world. She devotes herself to her work with energy and enthusiasm and relishes the rich rewards of engendering positive change. As a coach her expertise includes storytelling, training women in confidence for leadership and consulting on creativity for innovation and change. She regularly works as a trainer for RADA Business and The Old Vic as well as with private one-to-one clients and has designed and implemented trainings for Chanel, Sony, Google, Dove, Sweaty Betty, Stella McCartney, Odeon, The BBC, EasyJet, Warner Music, Santander, The Royal Bank of Canada and across the Civil Service. Her podcast Loving Colour is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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