Are you juggling an uninspiring day job to help support your creative projects? Have you considered using your skills to help others be creative?

This digital workshop is an Introduction to Facilitation (workshop leading) and is designed specifically for musicians and artists looking for alternative ways to financially support their creative careers.

This workshop will be delivered by James Yarde and Alice Hale, two artist-facilitators with extensive experience delivering creative music workshops to people of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll learn how to utilise your skills to run engaging workshops, where to go for training opportunities and how facilitation can enhance your own creativity.

About the Tutors

James Yarde is a music producer, remixer and songwriter. Since the early part of his career he has also been a music workshop facilitator and has straddled the two worlds ever since. He is currently developing a body of work with both instrumentals and vocal artist features, to be released throughout the year.

Alice Hale is a singer-songwriter and poet. As well as writing and performing under the artist name With Sun, Alice has years of experience producing and facilitating workshops and events for young people. She is currently in the process of recording her latest EP for release later this year.

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