This event is part of our Self-Made Series for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs aged 18-30. This series will equip you with the tools you need to be successfully Self-Made.

Finance Guru Bola Sol is back with a two-part series of financial masterclasses, helping you to think positively and build a healthy relationship with money, so you can be your own boss.

Does money stress you out? Perhaps your relationship to it fluctuates depending on your mood? Depending on our upbringing, sometimes the way we react when we have (and don’t have) money in the bank, can change.

While it can be totally normal to turn to a bit of retail therapy when we have a bad day, getting a handle on any negative associations with money, and the way it can impact your bank account, will help you feel more in control of your finances and your business.

This event is the first of a two-part series on mastering your finances. Book onto part 2 here.

About Bola Sol

Bola Sol is a personal finance guru who enjoys teaching others about how to get their money in order so they can live their best life. She has worked with the likes of Google, Stylist Mag, BBC & Refinery29 to give her best financial advice. With a degree in Mathematics and Finance, she is always helping people save for the better and invest for the future.

This event will be followed by a digital networking event.

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