How do I enrol on a creative project?

How you enrol depends on which creative project you’d like to do.

Some projects follow a standard enrolment process, while others might require you to submit work or audition for a place. Some projects don’t require enrolling in advance as they are drop-ins.

You can find out more info. below, as well as it being listed on the ‘How to Enrol’ tab on each creative project page on our website.

Standard Enrolment

For many projects, enrolment can be completed online. This will be indicated by the enrol now button in the banner and below the information about the project. This will take you through to an enrolment form which must be completed in order to enrol. At this point your place on the project is not guaranteed.

Once we have processed your enrolment, you will receive an email with details on how to pay.


Some creative projects will require you to submit previous work or to attend an audition at the Roundhouse.

We’ll get in touch if we need to arrange an audition or if your application has been successful after the project deadline.

Drop In

Every term in the Paul Hamlyn Roundhouse Studios, we offer a number of creative projects for 11 – 25 year olds as drop-ins.

These nights are your opportunity to try something new or develop your skills. There’s no commitment, just come along on the night that suits you best.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the project is due to start so we have enough time to take your details at the front desk.

If you are planning on joining us then remember to download and bring a completed enrolment form to the Roundhouse on the day of your first session. Enrolment forms will be available to download on each drop-in project page.