Why are we using digital tickets?

We are moving to digital only ticketing for a number of reasons:

  • Printing and posting hundreds of thousands of tickets each year is not a sustainable way of facilitating entry to our events. Digital tickets will reduce the emissions and costs associated with this fulfilment, savings that we are passing onto our customers as we are not charging you – a handling (per ticket) fee – for digital tickets.
  • You can’t misplace a digital ticket, so you no longer have to worry about where you left your ticket before coming to the venue.
  • It’s become more important than ever to know who visits the venue, which was nearly impossible to do with physical tickets. Digital tickets allow us to know who has been into the building for an event.
  • Our digital ticketing system uses technology that means we are able to track the movement of tickets. Better understanding our audiences means that we can cater to your needs.