Venue accessibility for wheelchair users

Our building is accessible for wheelchair users and we’re proud to hold a Gold Standard Award from Attitude is Everything. This recognises our firm commitment to providing the best possible experience for disabled visitors.

We’ve lowered our counters at the box office, cloakroom and the reception of the Paul Hamlyn Roundhouse Studios.

Our main space is very flexible and the position of wheelchair spaces changes, depending on the demands of the event taking place.

We also offer a number of wheelchair spaces within the seated areas at performances. In standing areas for gigs or for all-standing shows there is no raised viewing platform for wheelchair users. However, for these performances, please make yourself known to our Duty Manager prior to doors opening. They’ll make sure you have priority entry and will be able to tell you where it is best to watch the event.

In our Studio Theatre we have a number of wheelchair spaces that are reserved until the performance sells out, at which point they will be put on general sale. For promenade performances wheelchair users are free to roam standing areas. We just as that you make yourself known to the Duty Manager before the doors open, and they will arrange priority entry and will advise where it’s best to watch the event.

Although our bars do not have dropped counters for service to wheelchair users, our bar staff will come out from the bar to take your order.

We have accessible toilet facilities on all floors.

As well as our wheelchair spaces we also have two wheelchairs for those with limited-mobility, which can be booked for use during your visit. You just need to arrange this beforehand with the box office.

All wheelchair spaces can be booked in-person, over the phone on 0300 6789 222 or you can get in touch.