Over the last six months we’ve watched the foundations being laid and now the building’s frame is going into place. You can see from these photos that the building is taking shape and we’re starting to imagine the space coming alive with creatives.

The new creative centre will be a base for young people to explore their creative interests, meet new people, and collaborate. The building has a focus on developing leadership skills and supporting young people with their early careers or their creative businesses. We are committed to guiding, as and when we can, young people into the creative industries by giving them the space and facilities to turn their creativity into a career.

The new Roundhouse Creative Centre building has been nine years in the development and making. We started work in 2021 before the pandemic had fully receeded and it soon became clear that the new building had become a real light of hope in the darkness, offering the whole Roundhouse community and especially the young people that will use it a vision for something exciting to look forward to, a special new place to progress skills and develop experience in the arts and in the creative industries and to be a launch pad from which to head into work. It is so exciting to see the project taking shape.

Marcus Davey, CEO and Artistic Director, Roundhouse