A Groundbreaking



Laurie Ogden

A Groundbreaking

1. Groundbreaking. Definition, Noun:

A ceremony to break the ground,
mark a new beginning, witness
the seeds of hope being planted.
This soil is open-armed, ready,
a foundation for construction.
Here is where it will begin,
do you see that seed? Just there,
in the ground, ready to be watered,
that one will grow into a concrete
tree, so high a trapeze artist will
swing from its boughs before
spinning through the air.

Or that one, there, do you see?
That seed will grow until it cracks open
to reveal a studio mirror that smiles back
at theatre makers as they stretch out
their limbs, refreshing bodies
cramped for months, struggling
to create in bedrooms for far too long.

And that seed, in your hands, place it
gently in the ground, promise the seed
that it will grow into walls that curve
like steady hands, holding the chatter
of artists collaborating, their ideas
lighting up the rooms. The future
is being grown here, the hard cracked
earth of the past year is being turned
over, revealing a new beginning.

2. Groundbreaking. Definition, Adjective:

Innovative, pioneering, the spark flickering
in the eyes of someone told they can dream,
someone watered to full bloom. It is saying,

When you come around to this house,
that spark will be lit, we’ll help coax it
into a roaring flame that burns so brightly
we all can gather together, to watch
your fire tell stories in the shadows
that dance on the walls. It is saying,

this space will be groundbreaking,
a place for us to grow.