For this year’s online edition of Too Much Source festival, founder Swarzy Macaly asked members of the Black British community to share their stories of Joy and Resilience to be showcased in a digital gallery throughout Black History Month. Also featured in the gallery are submissions from the headline creatives taking part in this year’s festival, read more about them below.

KISS Headliners

Rebekah Walker is a KISS Production and freelance voice over with a background in commercial radio for five years. Rebekah is also a co-founder of music platform Selective Hearing, and more recently began hosting a podcast and online series called LIFEINSPORTS talking and exploring the journeys of engaging voices within the sports industry.

Nigerian born Samson Falodun is a producer, director and social media powerhouse. He heads up the visual output across the KISS social platforms and has created content with the likes of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Liam Payne, Mabel, Kevin Hart and many more.

Elliot Greenfield is a producer for KISS Breakfast hosted by Jordan and Perri. After launching his career as a specialist producer at radio stations such as NTS, Rinse and Radar, Elliot has now worked his way up to produce one of the biggest breakfast shows in the country. Alongside radio, Elliot launched his own jewellery business called Ex-A, creating fine jewellery.

BBC Creative Headliners

London-based, Production Traffic Manager, Adele Gonzague leads the BBC Three Creative team. She’s worked on a variety of campaigns ranging from clip-based, motion-graphics, shoots and digital content. Her side hustle is photography and print media.

Head of Traffic Production at BBC Creative, Karen Knox has been at BBC Creative for the past 4 years. She manages a team of production staff that work on multidiscipline campaigns and is a member of the BBC Creative Leadership Team.

Yemi Oyefuwa is a Casting Producer across various factual entertainment shows, including BAFTA award-winning Race Across the World, and has recently finished casting and producing Season 2 of CBBC’s Step Up to the Plate.

Headline Acts

Angie Bagot (GeGe) is a Video and Content Producer at Bauer Media. She is also the founder of a candle brand called Tribal Unicorn Candles and the co-founder of The Fempire Collective a community comprising of hundreds of black female professionals who share their knowledge and help others rise in their chosen industries.

Khalia Ismain is the founder of Jamii, a discount card and discovery platform, making it easy to find and shop at the best of independent black-owned businesses in the UK.

Pass The Meerkat is an animated podcast produced by 9ine Degrees. The cast includes: Vish, Peter, Gbengz, Dej, Sheikh, Eman, Manny, Fabbz, and Tim.

Mireille Harper is an editor at Square Peg, an imprint with VINTAGE (Penguin Random House UK) who take pride in publishing brilliant non-fiction reads with a creative twist. She is also the author of Timelines of Black History and a contributing author of Timelines of Everyone. Outside of her work, Mireille is a freelance writer, sensitivity reader, and PR/communications consultant.

A Quick Ting On book series, created and commissioned by Magdalene Abraha, is the first of its kind, covering topics from music to bamboo earrings, plantain to the Black British power movement, Afrobeats to Black British business and much more.

Kaylee Golding is a presenter and DJ at Reprezent Radio and Bauer Media.

Scully is a presenter and producer across No Signal and Reprezent Radio.

Jojo Sonubi is the founder of No Signal, Black in the Day, and RECESS.

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