Lockdown Poetry Challenge: The Winners



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Inspired by our Dark New Skies anthology during lockdown, we ran a poetry challenge for 13-25 year olds. We asked them to share their 15 words poems about life after lockdown with us. We were so impressed with the results, take a look at winning entries below…

Conversations, I’ve forgotten how conversations are meant to flow and how to flow a conversation.

Monique, 18

An ode to children

Who only see a new world

With its locks and keys

Ash, 15

A new page,

A new chapter,

A new book.

It’s never too late

to create.

Kyler, 18

Where do you want

to eat? Everywhere.

What cuisine do you fancy?

All of them.

Shante, 23

After Lockdown

[Post Duolingo]

I need to hear people speak

[En voces reales]

Live again

Serena, 22

It’ll be a surprise.

We don’t know what to expect.

And yet,

life will continue.

Elizabeth, 25

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