Guest writer Nathalie Coeln came down to the Roundhouse on Monday night to capture the scenes at Banks’ gig. Hear what she made of the R&B singer’s live show and new music…

It’s been a little over two years since Banks last graced the stage at the Roundhouse and unsurprisingly, she’s only gotten better.

Earlier this year Banks released her third album titled ‘III’ and stopped by Camden as she currently tours Europe with her new material.

The vibes from this album are similar to previous tracks yet in no way felt repetitive. What works so beautifully with Banks is her ability to be so honest and raw with her lyrics whilst still serving choreography and putting up an incredible light show. It’s hard to compare her to any other artist as her work seems so unique, perhaps the reason behind her great success. Once again Banks nails the heart wrenching and sultry combination which explains why faces in the crowd looked familiar. Her fans sure are loyal and keep coming back for more.

From ‘Gimme’ to ‘Goddess’ and the iconic ‘Fuck with myself’ it was hard to tell apart the old songs from the newer ones as the crowd seemed to enjoy and cheer for all of them just the same.

As we step into the heart of winter here in London, ‘III’ should most definitely be on your Sunday evening playlist.

Listen to the latest album from Banks…