Want to know what went down at Aurora’s show earlier this week or want to re-live the magic? Our resident blogger and photographer Nathalie tells you all about it…

A few nights ago I, along with a sell-out Roundhouse crowd, were transported to a different dimension – Aurora’s magical universe – and I’m not sure we’ve come back yet.

The dimmed lights, the giant moon, the eerie vocals, the delicate dancing – everything is perfectly balanced. There is something so soft and captivating in the way Aurora performs; every song walks us through a different emotion, from the sadness of opening track ‘Churchyard’, to the empowerment of ‘Warrior’.

The Norwegian singer’s storytelling is so perfectly executed that everyone in the room feels a shared sense of belonging, and the irony is not lost as the crowd sing “Take me home, take me home where I belong, I’ve got no other place to go” – the lyrics to her hit song ‘Runaway’.

The audience feel like more than just fans and Aurora knows this; as the lights turn onto the crowd she notes: “look how many we’ve become, such a big family”. It’s hard feeling to describe, so perhaps the best thing to do is to add Aurora to the list of gigs you need to attend.