From busking on streets around the world to selling out multiple venues across the globe, singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, best known by his stage name Passenger, continues to woo crowds as he performs his London show.

Following the release of his latest album Runaway, Mike stands alone in front of the crowd, filling the stage in a way very few performers can.

From the minute he steps onto the stage, with nothing more than his guitar until the very last note, Mike has everyone captivated. I mean, there are intimate music shows, and then there is a Passenger show. The crowds were so mesmerised, almost as though they had forgotten that they were standing amongst nearly 2000 other people, and it was refreshing to see that phones had been kept away (for the most part).

Passenger performed an array of songs, from his newest single ‘Hell or High Water’ to his much loved track ‘Holes’ and a cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’ and of course, his Ivor Novello Award winning track ‘Let Her Go’.

Despite covering sensitive and sombre topics such as heartache and immigration the mood remained laid-back and joyful throughout. When Passenger isn’t singing he is smiling away, keeping the mood lighthearted and reminding the fans just how grateful he is to be here.

With such talent and kindness radiating from the stage it’s no wonder her has sold out nearly every show on his UK and Europe tour.

Runaway is now available to stream or purchase and you can catch Mike as he continues to tour the world, until the end of the year.

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