In video: What Would You Say to Your Teenage Self?



To mark the end of LGBT History Month, we asked the company for our upcoming CircusFest production Puffball and our ambassadors for the show – all of whom identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) – to have a conversation with their 13 year-old selves.

Why? Because Puffball is a deeply personal look at the stories and experiences of people identifying as LGBTQ across the UK. It’s about love, identity and humanity, with the personal stories of the people who’ve been involved in the making of the show providing the key to its shape and development.

We wanted to reveal some of those stories through a series of video messages from the future, using the knowledge, life experience and insight gained since the interviewees were teenagers to offer words of advice, to praise or maybe to warn, their younger selves. Each interviewee was left alone with the camera so that they could be honest and uninhibited.

Hopefully it might inspire you to think about what you’d say to your younger self…

The first installment in the series of films features Puffball ambassador Jodie Harsh. We’ll be releasing more in the coming days.

Puffball is a major new production being created at the Roundhouse with artist Mark Storor and an incredible new company of circus professionals and young artists that will be part of CircusFest 2014.

Josephine is the Performing Arts Programme Producer at the Roundhouse.

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