Diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of who we are and is intrinsic to our priorities for the coming years.

We see the sharing of the Gender Pay Gap report as part of having a meaningful conversation with our employees and the public about diversity and inclusion and more generally we welcome this government initiative as we believe it will increase transparency, prompt questions to be asked and facilitate actions to be taken. Internally the statistics have already had the impact of us asking “how can we create an even more diverse and inclusive Roundhouse?”.

We recognise that gender diversity extends beyond the binary of male and female. For the purposes of this report, our gender pay gap is calculated using the approach required by the regulations, which compares the pay of males and females as the gender pay gap reflects the inequalities and discrimination in the labour market.

In the results you will see that the headlines are positive certainly compared to national averages. However we recognise that there are some follow up actions that are required particularly around continuing to encourage more women into technical roles. As previously identified this is both a focus of our recruitment strategies and also in the work we are planning through our 11-25 programme.

We will continue to foster honest conversations that include all staff, so that we can truly understand any barriers that prevent anyone fulfilling their potential within our unique business.

The full reported can be downloaded on the right (if on a desktop) or below (if on mobile).