Sophie’s experiences at the Roundhouse helped her renew her faith in abilities.

I’m excited about the possibilities of where I can go and what I can do.

I always used to walk past the Roundhouse, but I never checked it out properly.

When my mum passed away, I promised myself I’d get back properly into my music.

I threw myself into every opportunity I could find, and I was accepted onto Roundhouse’s OnTrack project. Taking part helped me develop my music in so many ways.

I’ve met friends for life and people I can collaborate with. I’ve also gained confidence in my own abilities. Now I am excited about the possibilities of where I can go and what I can do with my skills.

Learning from people like ESKA (Mercury nominated artist and onTrack lead tutor) was incredible. She doesn’t let age, gender, ethnicity, anything define her. She’s inspirational.

People at Roundhouse care about you too – that’s what shocked me. In London, everything is expensive and you know that everything has a price tag.

I am currently a Roundhouse Resident Artist and was a Roundhouse Young Trustee – now making the jump into the industry as an artist.

You can follow Sophie’s next steps on her website, instagram, and twitter.

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