Sophia's Story

The Roundhouse definitely helped restore my confidence as a person.”


Sophia started on Wax Lyrical in 2018 – since then she’s found her voice at the Roundhouse and does a huge amount of work to support the charity and other young people, all whilst building her career as an artist.

Wax Lyrical obviously changed my life in terms of finding my voice as a writer and artist. But joining the Roundhouse Youth Advisory Board (RYAB) , also gave me so many amazing opportunities. I joined RYAB because I wanted to continue my journey as a young creative and I knew that I still had a lot more growing to do. I also believed in our ethos that creativity can transform lives and that everybody has a voice. RYAB allows young people to realise they can speak up, make change and that our voices actually matter. This definitely gave me a purpose and one of my responsibilities of being part of RYAB is to ensure that young people continue getting the same opportunities that I did and we continue to empower the next generation. Which is something that I completely take pride in and hold close to my heart.

Single launch party

I had my single launch party in August 2019, which was amazing. The development team helped me put that on and I was really happy and super surprised at how many people got involved to help me out with that. To me it’s a big deal to just keep coming to the Roundhouse and obviously reaching the age cap, I knew my opportunities were going to be limited. So them allowing me to do that was such a great opportunity because, now I get to say ‘yeah, I had my launch party at the Roundhouse.’ It’s mad. Especially in the Hub because that was like a go to place for me when I was on Wax. I was going through quite a rough time in my personal life then and I would always go to the Hub and write songs on my guitar. Every time my tutors were looking for me, they’d always find me in the Hub. So it was really cool that I could have my launch there. It was super sentimental.

Finding my voice

I’ve definitely found my voice as a writer again. And that was a very big deal for me, because I was song writing for such a long time, I didn’t think I was going to be able to come up with any material that wasn’t connected to melody. So to be able to come up with deep written material that could stand up on its own was amazing, because I did start off with creative writing in the first place. So, I’ve now come full circle and am fully connected to all elements of my craft.
I’ve had so many opportunities and so much work has come through connections and networking at The Roundhouse. Working with the development team has really taught me that relationship building and maintenance is key and that planning, preparation and passion for what we believe in is what we need to execute everything and anything. Be it a fundraising event, a dinner or performance. We always have a plan, a backup plan and a clear vision of where we want to go and our steps on how we’re going to get there. I now try to apply this to my everyday life.

The Roundhouse definitely helped restore my confidence as a person. Gave me a wider knowledge of life and opportunities. But, most importantly, it kind of just gave me a second home and I have friends everywhere in that building. So yeah, it’s just a really safe space, to just be me.

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