Ray's Story

There’s only one Roundhouse: a place which gives you creative opportunities, networks and a belief in yourself.”


I started coming to the Roundhouse around three years ago, off the back of a recommendation from someone I met at an event who encouraged me to think about getting involved with radio. I remember coming to my first radio drop in session and not believing that I was paying £2 for three hours of quality sessions with studio equipment and a tutor and other really driven individuals!

Because of the Roundhouse, it allowed me to identify parts of my interests which I would have neglected. From not believing in myself as a radio host or as a producer to identifying myself in external environments as that, it’s a powerful thing. Actually it builds that belief and confidence because you know that you’ve managed to put this into practice in a safe space.

You need to be able fail in a place where you can identify what went wrong rather than going out into the world and not necessarily having anyone to support or back you up, or not knowing who to refer to.

Peace of No Mind

Through the radio drop in sessions, I also got the idea for a radio show – Peace of No Mind – which I’ve now been able to move into a podcast format. I’ve done 12 episodes for the first series. The show works as a conversation format which looks at social constructs and facilitates healthy debates.

All of the jobs I’ve had, since attending the Roundhouse, have all been creative roles. Now I’m working for an audio production company. That came off the back of the radio drop in sessions that I was attending at the Roundhouse. It came through a course called Multitrack Audio Fellowship which was a scheme that introduced young individuals into the world of audio. It’s independent and run by six independent production companies but I found out through the Roundhouse. This was an amazing audio opportunity which allowed me to complete the two month scheme, but then off the back of that secure my role in one of the production companies.

Ultimately, there’s only one Roundhouse in the UK: a place which gives you creative opportunities, networks and a belief in yourself. It’s like the building itself holds so much magic, and had I not stepped into its magic, my life would probably be very different. For the scene and for the culture, this building is so important. It allows it to thrive in a safe, friendly and secure environment.

Coming to this place can send you on a positive trajectory.

Ray hosts Peace of No Mind, a podcast highlighting topics from mental health to alternative sound therapy.

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