Nina's story

The Roundhouse is definitely unique, and offers a lot of different projects. I wish there were more places like this in London.”


Three years ago, I was looking at where I could get into dancing again and I came across one of the Roundhouse young creatives projects. It was the Cross- Arts project led by spoken word artist Adam Kammerling. It was movement, spoken word, a bit of everything really. That’s the first project I did here. It opened me up to everything that the Roundhouse does.

My main interests are movement and visual art. As a Resident Artist and member of the street circus collective at the Roundhouse, I’ve been trying to mix the two.

I got my first professional dance movement job through the Roundhouse.

I got the opportunity to perform as an understudy in Adam Kammerling’s show ‘Shall We Take This Outside’, a show fusing spoken word and movement. I learnt it in a week, and we performed in Southampton. All my professional dance experiences so far have been through Roundhouse. I took part in Throwdown with street circus last year and we toured it around different festivals in the UK. These new experiences have really shaped me as a performer.

The opportunity to actually try something that you have in your head is so important.

Through the courses I’ve done at Roundhouse, I’ve been able to open up. It gives you the space to get to know yourself.

It’s also just really great to have a place that you can come to every week. Just knowing that you’re going there, seeing the same people, you feel part of something. Starting off and finishing a project with the same group is in my opinion one of the best ways to grow creatively, and as a person.

I feel a sense of community here that is often hard to find in London.

Coming here, I really feel like there’s a network and a community. I’ve always wanted to feel that, which can be hard in such a big city. I think when it comes to involving young people in London, London can be very cold. A place like this just nurtures creativity properly.

The Roundhouse is definitely unique, and offers a lot of different projects. I wish there were more places like this in London.

I know there are other youth centres; Battersea Arts Centre do a lot of things with young people. In a way there’s lots of centres but at the same time not enough. I don’t know why all theatres and institutions don’t have a youth element!

I think that universities should come and see how the Roundhouse does projects, how they engage and trust young people, and learn from how they work. When you walk into universities, a lot of them aren’t like this. They’re selective for all sorts of reasons. But here there’s a very open way of doing things, which is the way it should be.

I feel like the Roundhouse trusts young people a lot.

You can rent equipment, you can use spaces for 50p, you can use the computer rooms. It does feel like young people are at the heart of this place, it’s like there is an underground network of young people fuelling the Roundhouse, it’s amazing to see and be part of.

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