Born and raised in North West London, India was immersed in music both at home and while frequenting concerts from a tender age. She owes her affinity for the capital to the Roundhouse for quickly becoming her favourite place and inspiring her to remain in London after attending several of the young creative courses.

Released in July 2021, India’s debut EP, Inertia explores shimmering, electronic-tinged soul, with Raf’s bleeding-edge production proving the perfect foil for India’s limber, jazz-inflected tones. Whether it’s the rippling R&B on ‘Waves’, or gliding over the low-slung hip hop grooves of ‘Go Slow’, this trend continues on the follow-up, currently slated for release in 2022. Stylistically bolder than its predecessor, it finds India luxuriating in low-key R&B productions and producing deeply percussive, soul-tinged bops while pushing her pen beyond the ideas of relationships and self-sabotage as expressed on Inertia.

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